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Christmas Village Diorama - Part 6



10/13/16 - Construction Accident

Started added Realistic Water today. I thought I would use E-Z Water until I heard some bad stories about it eating up foam, and changed my mind. So it's going to take more than a few layers to get it where I want it. The roads around the pond will not be in the position you see now, I'm just playing around with placement. Started adding snow to the all areas of the layout where there are shrubs and plants, and that required me to take the two left houses off to keep them from getting sprayed by Scenic Cement. 

The "construction crew" got a little careless when taking some of these pictures, and the camera strap caught one of the street lights... so now there is some utility repair work going on. Luckily, I had a spare street light, so that will get installed tomorrow after the pond dries. 

I'm also playing with icicles and the waterfalls. I'm redoing the icicles to be smaller but they are easy to make, so if I mess up, no big deal.  

There seems to be a creature in my forest... 😉

img-2686_orig.thumb.jpg.0e1a99f990eb804e09d876415cb287ac.jpg img-2677_orig.thumb.jpg.72813d36b9aa84029fdc3414995578e3.jpg

img-2678_orig.thumb.jpg.cdd77fe6a35595e791a6b93d675c5919.jpg img-2679_orig.thumb.jpg.b1f84318cd2722eb35b23564b2113634.jpg

img-2680_orig.thumb.jpg.3d24da891acb58662c656f964cb7da81.jpg img-2681_orig.thumb.jpg.dcc287d1a1c830e648e18d8a705f957c.jpg

img-2682_orig.thumb.jpg.cac50d4de18a5d627ed4a54e64ea3f28.jpg img-2683_orig.thumb.jpg.7ed86d6ba147b55aff09d8dd04d0dfa8.jpg


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