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This is the hard part...



This is the part I hate. Sitting... waiting... Yes, we know the pattern is changing, but everyone wants to see concrete evidence, they want to see a big snowstorm barreling toward us like a giant avalanche. I know because that's what I want. :classic_biggrin: But I (we) have to be patient. We've had our 60 days of cold, 30 days of warmth, so it's now time for our 60 days of cold again. Winter is knocking on the doorstep, no question about it. But until the models can get it all figured out... we wait for our storms.

I have a lot of pictures of me when I was younger and growing up in Nashville,  playing in the snow, and maybe that is one reason I love snow so much. I remember going out and staying out until your feet were frozen. You would come back in, throw the clothes in a dryer, eat something, throw the clothes back on and head back out.  They were great times. I remember one snow that was so large, that we blocked off the top of the hill where we would sled with a big berm of snow so no one could drive through. The mailman wasn't happy with us. :classic_dry:

 These early pictures had to have been taken when I was about 5 years old, so around 1960. I don't remember the snow back then other than from these pictures and only remember this house from these pictures. 





But I do remember the snows we had when I was in the 6th grade on up. Listen to Bastardi talk about the winter's of the 60's, and you'll understand the snows I grew up with. Those snows brought so many great memories. And we're not talking little snows, I'm talking BIG snows. Take a look.

I'm sure everyone has some favorite childhood memories and pictures of snow, so feel free to share them here. 




My sister



My mom



"The Big Dipper"



Me on the back of the sled with my tongue sticking out, Robert Hagstrom driving. He went on to write "The Warren Buffet Way"









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