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  1. Joe Bastardi tweeting about MJO stalling in a phase and said it has never happened before in October. Can you explain the gist of what he is saying and what “could” be the difference, or has been the difference in our weather?
  2. Delta upgraded to Cat 1 - 7:45pm
  3. Seeing where Mikes Weather is saying that Gamma and whatever it amounts to is basically determining how far west Delta will go and why the coni is so wide in the 5 day. If gamma falls apart Delta will be more to the eastern side of the cone. If gamma influenced Delta it goes more west
  4. 1983 Mobile bay froze over Christmas and the low in Mobile was near 0. I worked out in it at a full serve gas station from can to can’t that Saturday. The high was was just in the upper teens or lower 20 ‘s and we had people lined up to the road waiting to put antifreeze in. Most then just used water in their vehicles or a mixture and were scared to death their cars would overheat( and many did)
  5. Gfs is hinting at a tropical system out of the Caribbean. Pretty nasty at that. It has kept introducing it off and on. With the big cool down and the movements of overall circulation what are you thoughts here?
  6. I woke up at 3 am to find Sally showing out as she made her approach to Gulf Shores. 105mph with reports of surface winds estimated at 120 by mobile Doppler radar. I have a lot of kin who live in Baldwin county where I was born and my parents are buried. I was there in 2004 and rode out Ivan. Nasty night for one of the prettiest stretch of beaches. Gulf shores-Pensacola
  7. Metter Georgia has to be the most boring place for weather. Except for heat and humidity ain’t nothing worth writing home about. I just gaze over the fence —- watching it all pass by. 😂
  8. New ball game Steve Even possible changes in track and changes then for areas on down the road. More emphasis in Ga and Al for rains
  9. I see now where Levi is mentioning a stall near landfall and possibly eastward shove towards Mobile . Personally I desire that more. We need rain in S East Ga.
  10. 5pm advisories paint a more grim picture for Sally. Now top winds predicted possible 110mph. So NHC thinking RI is going to happen at the end too
  11. Couple of puzzling questions. 1. The Ace values being so low and can you explain what all that entails. I saw a quote where it said Dorian had a higher value than all the storms so far. 2. The Pacific Basin has been silent, the complete opposite of the Atlantic. Is that normal for this type of pattern? Thanks in Advance
  12. The wifey saw our 1st love bug of the fall season last weekend. So ❤️ love is in the air, and will be in the hair, on the windshield and caked on the bumper. As you know we have 2 seasons of the mating love machines. When we lived along the coast in S Alabama we knew we were in the most active part of Hurricane season when they arrived
  13. Steve What is the glob right off of Savannah?
  14. Why you do me this way Steve? My apps still showing me upper 80swahhh
  15. It is hard to believe the climate difference between Calhoun and Metter. But with Calhoun in the Nw part of the state and Metter in the Se it really makes a huge difference. Metter is almost Central Ga but we def are influenced by the Gulf and Atlantic. We are on the trailing end of every cold front and it makes a huge difference, especially early in the fall.
  16. What’s going on with Cranky? He is insisting Laura is at 120 mph strength and not 140? Just strange behavior
  17. Laura now Cat 1 at 75 Steve so you will have to change our header to Hurricane Laura
  18. Laura AND Marco are going to be so painful to watch unfold. I would hate to live on the Gulf coast. There really is nothing there to base your decision making on. I do believe from Mobile to Galveston there will be a lot of rain for somebody . I would think MS and AL will get too much rain, but wind will only be a problem if one or the other reach Hurricane status before they go in. To be honest--- I am ready for Nana to see how sweet she is... :-)
  19. Little question that I think i know the answer to but ......... The Gfs, Canadian both fail to see one of the systems( as of this morn) on the models. Is it because there is no closed center yet to really "track"?
  20. If I lived anywhere in Florida that was is effected by storm surge I would be making preparations to evacuate. If I live inland I would prepare for a major hurricane(cat 3) . Hopefully by late tomorrow we will have a closed center and more to work with. I am not saying TD13 will be “ all that” but you can’t wait 36 hours out and then make those decisions.
  21. TD #13 now slated be a hurricane after 11am update
  22. Ryan Maue twitter post is sobering
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