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  1. Was just looking at the Brasstown Webcam myself. So definitely some snow at nearly 5000 feet up this morning. Which matches up well with what GSP is seeing in North Carolina with flurries confirmed as far down as 4600 feet. I'm sure as we hit our lows this morning those snow levels will fall a bit further briefly. Sky Valley at around 3300 feet is sitting at 34, so 3500 looks like a good bet for flakes if the moisture is there.
  2. If the timing is right and the dendritic zone can resaturate right at the time of coldest temperatures, my guess would be above 3500 could see flakes and above 4500 could see a dusting. But that is only if everything lines up perfect.
  3. I'm sure he has his reasons but I don't see how chances have increased as he said. NWS certainly hasn't said such, and I don't see it in the models either. I'm certainly up for a surprise though lol.
  4. Unlikely. Even for the smokies they're talking above 5000 feet. The highest of peaks may have a super slim shot at some white rain if the moisture deepens at the coldest time.
  5. Absolutely the perfect storm when your talking tornados. Scariest day I've ever seen, and certainly something I hope to never see again.
  6. Probably not, maybe some gusty winds in any general storms that may develop. And it'll remain gusty overnight into tomorrow as the colder air rushes in.
  7. Yep nothing to worry about. Rain, wind, and dropping temperatures.
  8. If you don't mind paying a bit, the app Radarscope is the best one out there and it's $9.99. It has every product you'll ever use and then some.
  9. 3.72 ended up being the total here, certainly more than forecast. Them issuing the flash flood warning after the rain had stopped was a bit shocking, but I guess it's likely a result of Georgia Power alerting them that they are opening the dams.
  10. Tornado warning alert on my phone certainly got me out of bed a little earlier than I was planning on this morning lol. Rainfall rates were some of the highest I've seen here at my house before. From under a half inch to over an inch and a quarter in just one 15 minute period.
  11. You couldn't live in a better part of the state if you hate tornados. In this northeast corner of the state, Dawson County included, they are extremely rare as we just almost always tend to be more stable than areas to our south and west. I've seen only one in my lifetime, and the conditions from that day likely won't be repeated for a very long time. That was the super outbreak in 2011 and days like that are nearly once in a lifetime here. Take comfort in knowing that the overwhelming majoritiy of tornados are only ef0 or ef1 in intensity, and as long as you take proper precautions they shouldn't be life threatening. The key is to not let your fear control you, as it could cause you to misjudge a situation and make a mistake. As Ricky said, turn that fear into power and try to learn as much as you can about them and what causes them. And then just always monitor NWS warnings and be ready to take precautions in the rare events that it is necessary.
  12. I personally would not. It's just a weather system that could produce some strong/severe storms. But given that it's spring in the south, that's true for pretty much every weather system. True outbreaks are far more rare and require perfect ingredients, including timing.
  13. Just speaking for here in the mountains this seems to be the worst pollen day we've had so far, but I suppose it'd make sense for us to be a bit behind peak in Atlanta. Our oaks were a bit late to bloom and they've just flowered in the last day or so, and needless to say we've got a lot of oak trees up here lol.
  14. Under svr thunderstorm warning here now. Hopefully not too rough, would hate to lose power with Tiger leading the Masters lol
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