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  1. Also it was all 3 major models along with EPS support for the timeframe. Obviously long range rarely works out but that's still a solid storm signal at 8-10 days out.
  2. Little over a half inch here everywhere where the yard wasn't too wet. From what I've heard, Clayton itself still has no accumulations at all. Not quite what I was hoping for but it was at least nice to see it fall some.
  3. This isn't gonna amount to much here, probably closer to the original forecast from GSP, all the water on the ground is hindering things a bit. It's funny how things workout though. Middle of the one of the warmest winters on record, and in a 2 week and 6 day span I've now seen snow 3 times and have hit my annual average. Goes to show, cold winters don't guarantee snow and warm winters don't guarantee you won't get it.
  4. "Expecting the back edge to push into NW GA right around sunset and through the ATL metro area by 1 to 3am." This seems off based in radar. Isn't the back edge already pushing into NW GA?
  5. Got sent on an errand before the roads started getting bad, and just the small elevation drop from my area in Tiger to Clayton is making a huge difference. Nearing a qtr to a half inch in grassy areas at home and 33 degrees. Clayton is at 35 with nothing sticking at all.
  6. Temp dropped about a degree in the last 30 minutes. Starting to get a coating now in grassy areas.
  7. Yeah road temps are good, it'd just depend on if it's coming down so fast it can't melt fast enough. I drove a little pt cruiser through 5 inch snow packed roads last week and it handled it like a champ. Just take it slow and be safe!
  8. I know how that is. I had to drive in the last one we had and it was nerve wracking to say the least. How late you coming back?
  9. Probably from Pivotal weather. Ive seen it being spread around. Poor algorithm for mixing if guess.
  10. Wow, crazy. Timeframe obviously deserves watching.
  11. Yeah it's all puddles haha. And the surface temp isn't really dropping much. Got a feeling it'll be too late before it does. Just a frustrating rain storm with massive white rain drops lol
  12. All snow now, very heavy. Still too warm though, melting on contact. Elevated surfaces are a bit slushy just from the rates. Hoping this drives the temp down from the top down.
  13. Haha, it's been a very wet morning so I've been staying inside. If this thing will actually flip all the way over sometime I'll try to snap a few.
  14. Mainly sleet now with a few flakes starting to mix in. Sleet really starting to pile up on elevated surfaces.
  15. It and the GFS actually agree on that setup of a deep diving ULL. Could be something, who knows. Time will tell lol
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