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  1. 1.90 inches was the final total here in Tiger. Much needed slow soaking rain.
  2. Not that the EPS is the end all be all of modeling, but this flip certainly can't be ignored. We'll see if the GFS suite sticks to its guns over the coming days.
  3. Hopefully this flips back but man if this isn't just a terrible reminder of basically all of last winter. Modeling looks great for us in the long range and then the trough turns into a ridge as we get closer.
  4. Got to 35 last night. Might have a shot at a frost if it stays calm and clear tonight.
  5. Late October/early November seems about right for the first NW flow flakes. Need those big powerful cold fronts to produce them and that's about when we first start seeing them.
  6. . 84 inches here this morning! More rain than we've had in the last 30 days. Looking forward to more this week.
  7. If this happens we have the absolute worst luck...
  8. I know heat has kinda become the norm but I'm truly struggling to wrap my head around the kind of heat being seen today in the eastern US given that it is October. Records aren't just getting broken they are being absolutely shattered. 90+ degree days are frankly rare here in the mountains, maybe 2-5 a year on average. We are easily nearing 20+ this year and it's now 93 degrees on the 3rd of October, the 2nd hottest day of the year so far. And the hottest at 95, happened just 3 weeks ago. Unprecedented...that front can't come fast enough.
  9. Hate this dryness right now. Concerning as we head to late fall/early winter when red flag conditions are more common and fuel sources rise dramatically with fresh leaf litter.
  10. The heat was downright impressive yesterday. We got to just shy of 95 degrees at around 4:30. That's extremely rare territory up here at any point in the summer much less mid September.
  11. Was it 95L that last night's operational turned into Sandy 2.0?
  12. After last year I don't know that I want to hear anything about winter forecasts lol.
  13. So I noticed last night, in what had to be a cruel joke from the long range GFS, that it developed one of those waves over the Eastern Atlantic and then stalled it over the Northern Bahamas. I just can't imagine.... Based on the looks of the Eastern Atlantic and the amount of waves lining up to come off of Africa this tropical season is nowhere near done, but I do pray they are spared anymore impacts.
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