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  1. Really great cars. I always go to the drag races that are held at Heavens Landing airstrip up here every year and there are always a few ATS-V and CTS-V. Probably one of the best stock performance cars America makes, and one of the only ones that doesn't make you sacrifice room and comfort in order to drive it lol.
  2. No. More of our garden variety strong thunderstorm just with very intense lighting.
  3. Just try to stay calm. This is just going to be a typical strong/severe storm. There will be a lot of lightning and thunder for a while and possibly some strong winds and hail. But the worst will pass by fairly quickly.
  4. Crazy hail core on the storm south of Spartanburg, SC as well.
  5. They issue a special weather statement for any hazards that don't quite reach advisory/warning criteria. For instance a strong thunderstorm that is hazardous but doesn't have qtr. size hail or 60+ mph winds.
  6. That same supercell that produced the Tuscaloosa tornado is the same one that produced a high end ef-3 here in Rabun later that night. Luckily it only killed 1, but if it had been just a month later it would have been a disaster. The area of the worst damage was mostly summer/vacation homes, so at the time they were vacant. It was the first debris ball ever recorded on the GSP radar. GSP has a great study on that tornado as well as the whole event here: https://www.weather.gov/gsp/EpicOutbreak
  7. Other than from hail no. I suspect if anything did touch down in the county it was way out in the wilderness, and we certainly have plenty of it.
  8. I will say the storms yesterday were amazing to look at. We don't get such perfectly structured supercells in this area very often. We usually get very messy high precipitation ones, but each and every one that rolled through yesterday was a perfectly ventilated "mother ship" type storm like you see on the plains. If it weren't for the hook echo tracking right for me I probably would've tried to get up high and get some good shots of that last one.
  9. Well that was one of the bigger scares I've had in a while. Tracking a rotation couplet heading right towards you is really nerve wracking. All is good though. Spotted a wall cloud and a potential funnel as it approached Tiger but it was well off the ground.
  10. This one is starting to worry me...
  11. Reading through this portion of the GSP forecast discussion and I suppose for now the threat up in this area is down to whether or not the NAM stays an outlier. ... rain is expected to shift east by late aftn/early evening, with the warm front lifting north across central GA and SC. the question is how far north will the front get before the occluded front passes by Thu evening. The NAM is an outlier with a faster surge north and bringing the warm sector of the system into the entire area by 00z Fri. Within this warm sector, 1000-2000+ j/kg of sbCAPE and bulk shear of 70 kts or more (with curved hodographs of various soundings). Even the GFS and ECMWF do hint that the warm sector will creep into at least the southern fringes of the forecast area, and so the Day 3 slight risk for severe weather looks well placed. A threat of supercells with possibly some violent tornadoes will be possible, if the NAM is right.
  12. Confirmed tornado on the ground south metro Atlanta now....
  13. Very powerful tornado just passed near Thomaston, GA. Just as powerful as those in Mississippi earlier today. I got 138mph away and 80mph towards on rardarscope which is very intense. Big debris ball as well. Praying very hard for folks in those areas. Just a pit in my stomach right now watching that debris ball just keep trucking. I hate these night time tornados like this...
  14. So in the last day or so all the models that looked the worst were able to clear out this moderate rain ahead of the main line. Unless I'm reading too much into it, that doesn't appear to be happening. If so that should greatly reduce chances for the stronger tornados. Spin ups on the line and straight line winds would still be very serious threats, but it's somewhat of a silver lining at least.
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