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The wheels arrived this week... finally. I ordered the wheels on July 1 so it was a long wait but worth it. I took the car down to Gran Turismo East for the installation of all the new pieces (except for the already done engine tune). 

  • Renick RP 556 Wheels Gloss Black
    • Front: 19x9.5” with 265/30-ZR19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
    • Rear: 19x11” with 305/30-ZR19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
  • Renick front and rear adjustable sway bars
  • Eibach Pro springs
  • Track alignment
  • Trifecta Tune

Some people like to take their car to the drag strip while others like the twisty turns or maybe even both. I'm a twisty kind of guy. I've autocrossed since 1973 so I've driven a lot of cars and know what feels good and what doesn't, and I know what modifications need to be done to most any car to get the most out of it. Fortunately this car started off with all the right pieces, it just needed a little tweaking. 

Right now this car feels incredible. The steering is quick and responsive with plenty of feedback. The grip is incredible for a street tire. I'm used to autocrossing on bias ply race slicks that are squishy and flexible and these new tires are nothing like that at all. The tires are more quiet, have a better ride, and have a lot more grip than the OEM Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires that came on the car. I know part of that increase in grip is increased wheel width along with a corresponding increase in tire size, but what I feel is even more. The zero body roll and instant steering response is confidence inspiring. I couldn't be more pleased with how this car handles. In case you didn't know, the car has the magnetic ride shocks, so you're not going to get better than that. The car has three modes, Tour, Sport, and Track, and as you go up in modes the shocks get firmer and more controlled. These shocks sample the road surface 1000 times a second and can react to every imperfection, so I have no need to ever mess with the shocks.

I got her (yes, this is Grace so be nice) cleaned up and took some pictures. 
















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    • Good morning! I'm not going to waste any time today, we have a lot to talk about. The confidence of the track of Zeta has increased overnight and it now appears that we may take a significant hit from Zeta right here in north Georgia. The current track for Zeta crosses north Georgia very late Wednesday night into Thursday. As Zeta approaches the coast, it will begin to accelerate to the NE. Because of the relatively fast forward speed, Zeta won't be scrubbing off as much wind as we have seen with our past storms, and instead bringing those winds to north Georgia. Zeta rapidly accelerates and rockets from lower Alabama to Virginia in 12 hours.    Right now NWS Atlanta isn't saying much about the winds in the forecast discussion, but they have mentioned them briefly in the Hazardous Weather Outlook   As the HWO mentions, we are currently under a Flash Flood Watch for Wednesday through Thursday.     Rainfall amounts through 8 am Friday morning from the WPC look like this. Some people could see much higher totals. This looks to have a serious upslope component to it and those east facing ridgelines in the mountains could see higher totals.   But back to the winds.  The next three images show accumulated maximum wind gust, so this is basically a snapshot of the wind gust over time and follows the track of Zeta. The are 10 meter readings or approximately 33 feet, or the recommended "standard" height for anemometer siting.  These winds are significant and you can see that the models are bringing some hurricane force wind gust.    The next three images depict the winds at 925mb or right about 2500 feet. I know that I'm pretty close to that level and many in the mountains are there or above, so the next three images are significant for those people.      If these come to fruition, we are in for some serious wind damage across north Georgia. The soils are relatively wet and with the additional rain, there could be a significant impact on the trees, and I have a big concern about this. I can assure you that I will start securing all of our deck items today.  This storm could create more damage than Issac did a few years ago if things unfold like they are right now.  The ultimate track of Zeta will determine where those highest winds might pass. Right now I think it would be prudent to make preparations for a high wind event across the northern 1/3 of Georgia. As the day goes on we'll know more and more about Zeta, as we are in the timeframe where almost all computer models are in the range where they have very good accuracy since we're only about 48 hours away from those potential impacts. I'll make updates through the day so please check back. BTW, I got the little issues worked out here with images etc. when you come to this site now, it uses https instead of http, so everything is secure. Because of that fix, the app now allows you to login, or it should. Let me know if it doesn't.  EDIT: Just asked the NWS abut their current thoughts on the winds, this is what they are saying at the moment.  I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
    • NAM looks like this right now, but it's at the end of its run. 
    • How does the wind gust potential look with Zeta? I know it's not going to be a very strong storm, but the forward speed looks impressive going from landfall to well past us in under 24 hours. 
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