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More Updates 02-13-21



I finally have a plan... 🙂 My car has been at the Cadillac dealer for three weeks now as they tried to figure out what the clunking noise is in the left front of the car, and it appears that the front sway bar migrated to the left and was touching something and making that noise. I've ordered collars to go on the bar that should arrive Tuesday that will keep it centered with the frame, hopefully that will fix the problem. 

Next, I have Friday March 5 appointment with Teddy Knisely to install the flex fuel sensor, Aric Miller high pressure fuel pump, AEM wideband sensor, and Deatschwerks DW400 low pressure fuel pump (Stage 2 Tapout) on my car, and he'll also be installing the Swift springs and AEM wideband on the wife's car around that timeframe.

James Renick said the new wheels for the wife's car are done, so they should ship out the week of February 15th, so I will need to call Gran Turismo East to get some tires and schedule the alignment after the springs go on. After that we'll get the car to the people that will wrap it, get the grills/emblems on it, and make it pretty again. 🙂 

ZZP told me the rear trailing arms for my car wouldn't be available for another 4-6 weeks, so once those come in I'll get Teddy to install those as well.

New tunes are all I will need after the items list above are completed. I'm so ready to be done with installs... I want to play now.:-) The end is in sight.


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The low pressure fuel pump arrived today and James Renick said the wheels are in the box and should ship out tomorrow. I also received the AEM wideband AFR sensors and gauges that will be used in the tuning process. 




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My car has been at the dealer another 10 days. Cadillac was called on Friday. I finally got to talk to the technician and explained what was going on, so he now knows what do to. What a waste of a month.

The good news is the the wheels for the wife's car have shipped! Now I need to call Gran Turismo East and get scheduled to install. The images below are the wheels on my car, and hers are EXACTLY the same in every aspect except for the rear offset which is slightly different between the coupe and sedan.




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