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Update - 03/09/21



I took my car to Teddy Knisely last Friday for have the low pressure fuel pump, high pressure fuel pump, flex fuel sensor, and AER wideband sensor installed. The LPFP is installed and working as well as the wideband sensor, and he is installing the flex fuel sensor and HPFP tonight, so hopefully I'll have it back tomorrow. I'm still waiting my tune file from Trifecta that I requested last week, so can't put any E85 in the tank until I get that. 

This is the new low pressure pump and old pump. 



The gauge for the wideband sensor is going behind the little door where the cigarette lighter is, so it's completely hidden if there is no reason to be looking at it. That is not mine but it shows how it goes in the area. 



Two of my new tires have already arrived at Balance Performance Motors, and the last two (along with new TPM sensors) should show up tomorrow (Wednesday). After that, we'll get both cars there to do the wheel/tire swap/installation as well as installing the Swift springs on the wife's car. I have her wheels sitting in the garage (image below). We're swapping my Michelin PS4S tires on her wheels and the new Falken tires go on my wheels. 



I don't know how much, if any of the wheel/tire stuff will be done before the weekend. I should have my car back tomorrow (Wednesday) and hopefully have the tune file by Friday. But I doubt the new tires will be on the car by then. I was hoping it would all be done, because I get to go to Atlanta Motorsports Park on Sunday for a AMP Bring-A-Buddy Day event. We have a gentleman here in Big Cane that is a member there, and he secured 10 buddy passes for a whole day at the track.



In order to drive at AMP, you have to have a SA rated helmet. The helmet that I've had since about 2012 was about to expire and it wasn't fire rated anyway, so, I went to Discoveryparts.com at AMP today and bought a new helmet. It fits great and doesn't have a bunch of sweat in it. 🙂 So I'm ready to go! It ought to be a blast! First time at the track and the first time in my car!



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