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About this blog

This is the new RSS import from my old blog site for the weather coverage for the folks that may be running an event at the Lincoln Airport site. For those that don't know, this site is where the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) holds the annual Solo National Championship as well as National Tour and ProSolo events. It's a huge expanse of concrete our in the middle of corn fields that can be a dangerous place to be during bad weather. 

The original blog post started last year (September 2018) on my old blog site (starting with this post I believe... ( http://blog.northgeorgiawx.com/weather-blog/scca-national-championship-morning-weather-briefing-for-friday-august-31). It was probably one of if not the rainiest National Championship ever, and I am VERY glad I missed it. I will be going back again this year to try one more time to finish better than 3rd place, and maybe the last time, we'll see. But whether I go again or not, I'll still be covering the weather. 🙂 


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